Monday, 15 July 2019

¾ Centennial Birthday

I am delighted with and appreciative of the thoughtful gifts received from friends for my ¾ centennial; especially the completion on my birthday of the restoration of a Victorian Sacred Heart statue by my talented wife. The love and patience put into its restoration is phenomenal, to say the very least.


This is the condition of the statue when it was first in our possession.

The restored statue in situ, completed in time for my birthday.

From Natasha I received a bottle of French Champagne,
from Arthur I received a bottle of Highland Whiskey,
and from Keith I received two books and a DVD.

Other gifts include a large photographic book of hitherto unseen archive pictures from the Sixties, and, not least, an antique grandmother clock, making it five long-cased clocks in the entrance hall. I was also given a gold chain for my Victorian locket on which real pearls form a cross and contained within are pictures of my wife and also myself. The locket has four compartments for photographs.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all who remembered my ¾ centennial birthday, and the many kind messages of goodwill online received from across the world from clergy and laity alike.

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